Directions for Dakota digital install of Tach and speedo VSS


Im almost done with my install and I think I pretty much have down pat how it needs to be done..So hopefully I can save some people some headaches when they get to their Speedometer and Tach issues..

First off for the Tach to work it needs to be connected from the little green plug behind your alternator and landed on the Tach screw on the Dakota Brain..However, There is a additional Part SGI-17 that does not come with the setup (why I dont know for almost a $1000 it should!) that needs to be ordered for $35 with shipping from Dakota...This unit goes in line on that wire between the green clip and the Dakota dash Tach screw....

That should take care of the tach

On to the Speedo VSS issues..There are two ways to do it....

Option 1....Using your old speedo cable NOT the Dakota digital cable supplied with the dash..
With this option.....

You will have to tear apart your old cluster leaving just the mechanical part that the
speedo cable connects to with the little wheel which reflects the light back to the pickup. See pic..
IMG_5211.JPG IMG_5210.JPG

Mount it inside a small box and connect the speedo cable back to it....Along with the speedo cable, you also need to re connect the VSS pick up back next to the speedo cable with the small screw you took it off with when removing the cluster (see pics)..This is the wire with the black end that connects to the green buffer box under dash behind the radio...It has the green,black, & red wires with the black end

Once you have the mechanical mechanism installed in a box with the speedo cable and VSS cable attached seal it up and tuck it away under the dash...

The last step is to find the green buffer box under the dash (behind the radio area)
and tap a wire to the Brown ECM wire and the red cruise control wires that are on the clips that clip onto the green buffer box... You then run them to the Dakota Dash brain, Landing them both under the same screw marked SPD SND and your done...

Option 2.......Using the Dakota Digital Speed Sender NOT the original speedo cable

First off you have to make sure that you have the option of switching from 4000ppm to 2000ppm..If you only have 4000ppm option it will not work so you will need to go with option 1 above...

Using the Dakota Dash speed sender you just land the senders wires under the proper screws on the DD brain as shown in the instructions....

Next you find you old VSS buffer box. This is the green
box mentioned earlier that sits behind the radio with the green, red and black wires that run to the pickup..You disconnect it completely and save it if you ever want to put your old cluster back in.

You now tap a wire to the Brown (ECM signal wire) and the Red (cruise control wire) off the clips that connected the green buffer box and run them up to the Dakota Brain.
Landing them under the Speed Out terminal

This is what I found works after hours of research and driving other members of this forum nuts! Hopefully it will be of help and save you time..
If anyone can add something I missed please feel free but I did the best I could