Do I need my factory harness?

1984 t-type

Murphy's Law
Jul 11, 2010
Metro Detroit Area
I’m doing a LS swap and selling parts, do I need my 87 factory harness and computer or can I sell it ? Also are the lights and other non engine functions on their own harness or is it all mixed together ? If it matters or your just interested I’m doing a LSA on either a 6.0 or 6.2 fell free to chime in with other than don’t do it, I’m looking for tips and tricks may even do my first build thread. If I do it will be here and on YouTube thinking about getting into vlogging or however you say it lol
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Oct 30, 2012
I've never done the swap, but from ones I've seen the original computer was still used to control some of the chassis stuff, and a standalone controller/gm computer from the swap vehicle used for the engine. One even had all the unused engine connection wires tied off to the side, so a 3.8 could be swapped back in. I'd be interested in the build thread, post up the title if its on youtube.
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