Aug 1, 2012
I was cruising the other night. Car running great and then it happened. Radio started blinking on and off, Retard went from 0-13.5 on scanmaster. Went to check battery 9.5v and then she died. I'm thinking alternator seeing as it was a 1 year old rebuild. Am I right are is it something more dangerous? I'm on military duty right now and can't do anything to the car until Saturday or Sunday. A little reassurance would be appriciated. I'm buying a new battery and alternator regardless.
How about finding the problem, B4 you go throwing money at it??
+ cable on the down pipe.
Bad grounds.
Dirty/loose connections.
Shorted and burned fuseable link.
Free tests at Autozone, etc.
Any codes set?
When this happened to me, the culprit was the volts light on my digital dash. Do you have a field-fix installed?
Negative, but I will.
With the key in the ON position and the engine OFF, make sure the idiot light comes on. Use a multimeter to test the alt. as well. Put the positive lead on the power post and the negative lead on a good ground. I'm FAR from an expert, but hopefully I'm steering ya in the right direction, lol.
No code sets
Connectors looked good and clean. I haven't had a chance to get the alternator tested yet. Towed car to storage on military duty right now. Good advice I'll confirm before spend any money except for getting the field fix. I'll order that today.
Got a new battery car started right up. Alternator checked good. Idiot light on when key in on position. ???Could a bad battery have caused the car to kill while driving or do I have a ghost in the machine?
Check and see if by chance the positive cable has contacted the down pipe. this will cause intermittent power outages and is a common problem.