Dogde stealth broke help


10's here i come
My brother just bought this car it is the rt but non turbo just the dual over head cam 3.0. The guy he bought it from had no clue what is wrong with it he said, we pulled the valve covers off and 5 of the roller rockers are off of each head so 10 are off, and two are broke in half.

how could this happen, every thing else looks great, valve steam are still in place and all, how could they pop off like this,

any one know much about these cars, need some help here.

Broken or jumped timing belt. I ran into this on some of the Talons. The Stealths are a bear to change more than likely took out about 12 valves also. If you are lucky it didn'y break any pistons.
thanks for the reply

it still has the belt on the car, and all the valve stems look ok. Do you think that the lifters died maybe.

broke valve would stink but the piston would really suck.

thanks for any help
I agree with Randy it sounds like maybe it jumped time. I am pretty sure that's an interference engine and if jumped time, it probably trashed the upper end.