door and dash speaker balance


May 25, 2001
hey gang ,dont have a lot to spend here so using what i have,

plan on going with a 4 ch for the inside and a 2ch for subs

my question concentrates on the fronts

what is the best way to get some balance out between the dash and door speakers

right now i believe the factory set up is still in there, but i remeber my buddys car they were hooked up in parallel i think, and the 3.5's way over powered the door speakers..

should these be seperated with a 4ch maybe or is it in the imp. of the speakers?

most likely will be replacing with full range(proper term?) speakers and wondering the best way to go to get the most out of the door speakers, while maintaining a balance of sound

if this question makes sense:)

Chris Pacheco
What I did is isolate the speaker wires after the plug and put some 4 ohm resistors in series, yes they are high powered ones, with the front speakers.

They are both 4 ohm aftermarket ones the front dash and doors.

Now the dash is 8 ohm and the doors are 4 ohm.

They all run off the same amplifier.

They make L pads in 8 and 4 ohms too that probably can take 50 watts some can take 100 watts. They are big but would let you dial in the sound up front.

Other option is separate amplifier channels for each speaker and dial them in with the input volume controls.