Information on factory options as well as dealer invoice are easy to get. I have compiled all the necessary information for SPID and window sticker reproduction in the last few weeks. Were able to tell me excact build and delivery date, dealership name, and all factory options on my car that would be visible on a window sticker or SPID label. Contact GM media archives for dealer invoice ($50) and also contact George Zapota at Vintage Vehicle Services. He is based out of canada and as it turns on GM Canada has kept better records on all GM manufactured cars than the GM US has. Links below:

Dealer Invoice (includes msrp!)

Factory options/build date/other info:

George's Email:

This is great information for readers of this thread. I emailed George for more information also gave him my VIN number as a test to see if his info matches up with all the papers I have as I have the broadcast sheet bill of sale window sticker etc. I also have Triple As copy of the window sticker which is ok but not exact like the original. ECS Automotive Concepts will be exact on the proper paper and printed both sides like the original and show the GM part number. However with that being said you meaning you the customer have to provide us (kirban) all the properly info for the window sticker when we get ready to offer this meaning you need to get all your info together. Based on the info found in this post!

We are already processing orders for the door jamb VIN data decals which only requires a few facts such as VIN and date of manufacture but the window sticker and trunk ID label requires more information that you the owner must be able to provide.

As of yet I do not have a price structure from ECS Automotive Concepts. I am still waiting for them to provide me with samples of the door jamb decals from 1970 thru 1983 since I offer those years as well. Almost every 84-86 the door jamb VIN data decals are badly faded and need to be replaced to look like new. The 1987s seem to have held up better.

Again we are working on this as I know the window stickers will be a huge demand not just for the Turbo regals but I can offer them across the board to all GM cars up to 1987 models...No prices have been established as of yet. Again thanz to LomoMike for the info.

all this adds to the value of your car. You may not see it yet but it pays off in the end. I know on the 300 plus cars I bought I always always asked for any of the original paper work. Cars with paperwork will always bring more potential buyers than without.... This is especially true on the higher end models.
Just received mine. Quality is good and they have a laminated type feel to them so they'll last far longer than the originals. Be sure to check yours for accuracy when you receive them. I supplied Christina with lots of documentation and ECS used the original date the car was ordered as the build date vs the build date from the code on the cowl. So mine read 10/86 vs the correct 11/86. ECS is sending me a new set with the corrected date. See photo below (I have whited out part of my VIN).
Appreciate the above post as we are getting orders now almost daily. It's a learning curve for everyone Christina now knows to only forward the info to ECS that is the man date and the VIN number info also I have had to help a few customers decode their body plate to determine month and year of production. What seems to confuse some owners is the fact they own a early 1987 model which was built in the fall of 1986.

Back when our cars were new most new models came out in the previous fall in recent years some of those new releases can come out any time not just in the fall.

I now have samples for all the white labels from 1975 up thru 1987...example the 1981 is the same thru 1983 the 1983 is desireable The 1975-77 versions did not have a GM part number on them and was a single label versus the late 2 label format again all on tamper proof paper.
Be sure to get on our free weekly inner circle as that is the place I am going into more detail on the SPID labels and window stickers....

We have a few helpful tips on them as well. Like many of you I am learning as I go. One advantage is I have almost every book Buick put out for those years to do the research whenever possible.
Kirban Update:

As I stated I have samples now for every one from when GM started in 1969 with the blue label to 1975 when they switched to a single white tamper proof label thru 1987 models. I found out today that GM used the same style 1987 thru and including the 1989 GM car models. This was important to me since they made the 442 and Monte Carlo SS models thru 1988. Being the same for 1989 now covers me thru the 1989 Turbo Trans Am for my immediate market plus all GM cars through 1989. I basically have probably a grands worth of samples now depicting all these years!

I will be talking about this at our April 30th Open House and have a display board showing all of them. I don;t think any company has ever showcases every single one for those years.

As for as window stickers and SPID labels I have put together for each year 1984, 85, 86,87 a Buick Price directory listing every single RPO code and the price of each code. This is a critical bit of info many of yo may want to have and gives you background towards obtianing a window sticker. Vintage Services only can figure out the options your car had and RPO not the GM price of that Option. GM Media can provide it. Point being not one single source has all the answers you need for either SPID label or window sticker.

You can email me direct for info on the price directories as they are handy to have. I also worked up a small booklet on SPID info which runs about 50 pages. The tough codes concern your front and rear springs GM lists them on the SPID label which is 4 different codes. Again one of the few codes GM Vintage can't determine. It's probably safe to say the SPID label is like the DNA for your car. It laid out the codes for what they put in your car. Each group of letters was specific for a certain feature. Example codes that started with the letter G referred to ones on the rear, size of rear, ratio of rear, and whether it was a posi limited slip or not. G80 is that specific code. Sprigng codes are kinda weird they start with a number and come at the end of the SPID label. I actually have the GM place card that GM made back then that breaks down each by the family of codes. Interesting card.

Ironic that the SPID label started with GM with the 1984 models. Not every 1984 GM car model received the SPID label but in 1985 all GM cars/trucks had to have them from what I have read. Again I am not an expert but am gaining knowledge every day like many that read this post.

Right now we are just focusing on providing the door jamb VIN labels. I already have 2 major Corvette companies going to offer them to their readers.