Door & window rubbers


Oct 27, 2003
I need to replace all door and window and trunk seals on my 87 T. Loking for suggestion as to OEM or good aftermarket such as Soft Seal or others. Part numbers #, experiences with both.
Thanks for the help.
I don't have any part #s. They can all be gotten at BUT

Go original GM. Most everyone who has ever tried the aftermarket stuff has ended up throwing them in the garbage and getting OEM seals.
Original GM parts:

Outside belt molding for window gl*** (black)

Roof Rail seals

Door seals
20211180 (?)

Trunk seal ?
Got mine all from postons - its pretty nice, think its softseal or sumin. It all fit right and seals good.
I just finished mine this fall, go with original GM. I did a complete re-paint color change to Allure Blue metallic and ordered all my seals from partszonline to include the astro roof seal. You will want to photgraph the disassembly off all trim pieces and write your self notes on the disassembly process to use during re-assembly. Pick up some 3m adhesive remover, some razor blades, and wooden paint stirs to dig out all remaining rubber on the seal tracks then re-install all seals using some soapy water after track re-assembly. Take your time and get all the old seal matterial out, I also used scotch brite to remove the remaining glue/rubber and re-painted all the trim pieces with trim paint before I re-installed them. Wait about a day or two adjust windows as needed and check for leaks. About a week later after you work the seals in add some trim adhesive in the corners and along some of the edges that the factory had glue, use just a little, and you are done. Good luck