double roller timeing chain

steve davis

quick 86
putting my motor back together and the timeing chain is real loose i think i am not supposed to use a tensioner but its way too loose,my block has been bored ,hone ,decked. what gives.
Probably needs a new one.

Have you ever had the block main bored? That moves the crank centerline up slightly so the chain will be a little looser. A Rollmaster +.005 chain would be in order then.
timing chain

I don't remember for sure, but doesn't the original chain use a spring tensioner? This wouldn't work with a double roller, anyway, but just curious.
timing chain

This has always been a concern to me, when my car God and I rebuilt my engine I bought a double and told him that it did not need a tinsioner installed. He insisted that it did need one and he purchased a new one and installed it. I wonder what problem might occur from using it. No problems as of yet with 30K miles
As a general rule, do not use a tensioner with a double because it will chew it up. I beleive there is 1 brand though that is smooth and won't, but if your not sure you should take it off. A stock steel replacement single with the tensioner will work fine in most applications and work well into the low 10s. The Edlebrock "true roller" will chew it up....I know from experience on it.
steve davis said:
have heard it both ways.a double rollor chain is real loose .how else would you tighten it

Rollmaster and probably other companies make what they call "undersized units". What it actually is, are slightly larger cam gears that in turn "tighten" up the chain. Weber Racing keeps them in stock from .001" to .010" I believe.

i have some guys used the tensioner with the roller and no problems and others say what ever you do no so i have heard it both ways.
me too

I have a double roller, w/ tensioner, has about 12k on it now, I rebuilt the top end, left the bottom alone pretty much minus the valve train. left the double roller on, have heard they dont use a tensioner, but it was there when I poped er open, and I left it that way when I put the new cam in. no problems yet?? :eek:
I installed a Speedpro double roller w/a CompCams bumpstick. The chain was tighter than a mosquito's a$$, stretched across a bass drum. Should I be worried? I've heard using the stock tensioner w/a double roller chain can majorly clog your pick-up screen(as the tensioner is eaten up). Proceed with caution. ;)