Downpipe finally complete.

cool 84

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May 27, 2001
It took a while but my car no longer sounds like a Honda. I almost put the DP up for sale but now I'm glad I didn't. No muffler shop in town would help me so I got pissed and did it myself. I had only the upper 1/3 of the downpipe installed before. I ended up cutting the upper 1/3 and welding in another piece of pipe in between. It fits, but the test pipe is going to have a big dog leg in it since it no longer lines up with the exhaust. Still, it fits and doesn't hit the frame or the body. The A-arm will hit but only right as it hits the bump stops too. I don't think it will hit except if I bottom out really hard which I don't plan on doing. I'm still very happy. It has a much more throaty tone to it now with the exhaust exiting underneath the car. Lee Thompson 3" Dp and KB dual stage headers, I don't think I could have a better exhaust. Now I can finally get a wastegate mounted and put up some decent numbers.