downpipe wrapped?


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Jan 29, 2002
what are the up/downsides to wrapping the downpipe with some sort of insulation...would keeping that gases inside the pipe as hot as possible, keep it moving faster, or does the heat that disapates out/off the pipe help keep the turbo a little cooler?...i dunno, anyone have any input or kinda understand what im getting at.
downs are the pipe will rust out Id go with the coating method that my my next to do list as Im typing this up,
headers crossover exhaust housing and downpipe

If you have an oil leak and it soaks the wrap you can have a nasty fire...

It has happened.
When I first saw some turbo Buicks with the wrap I liked it. Then I heard about all the reasons the guys above talked about and I went with Jet hot the whole way. Then again someone said they wrapped a downpipe a year ago.. took the wrap off and it looked like the day they wrapped it. But it was also a SS downpipe. Personally I'd stay away from the wraps.
If the pipe is SS it will not rust. Mine's been on there for 8 years and it still looks new under it. As mentioned, you must make sure the wrap is no where near a place where oil can get on it, my DP does not go anywhere near where oil would drip on it.
I perfer the wrap because absolutely no heat comes thru it, I can grab it right after making a 1/4 mile pass and not get burned, keeps a ton of heat out from under the hood. A ceramic coating will still emit a large amount of heat and be very hot to the touch.
Performance gains are probably nill if you have an open dump, but keeping the heat out from under the hood is my main reason for using it.
i have an atr pipe, im almost positive it's stainless...
i do industrial insualtion, and we have alot of crap i've found to be useful, i have the a type of the fiberglass wrap, the kind they sell in jegs, that i could use...i also have stuff that i could water/liquid/vaper proof over top the fiber glass wrap, and then over top that i have stuff that would fire proof would either be black, or white, im working on getting a gray color too, just not sure if they make it...i think i might do it once i get my motor back in and see how it works out....
once it's all said and down, ill try and get some pics of it, it should come out lookin half decent, plus it'll be sealed from moisture, and fireproofed...
once all done, and i get the pics, if anyone wants any of the stuff used to do it let me know, i can get the stuff for free, just have to pay the shipping...
That ceramic coating doesnt do anything but preserve it. There isnt enough ceramic to actually be an effective insulator. I like the wraps cause it actually works. The hotter the exhaust gases, the faster they move, and the more accurate the temps are if you go with an EGT setup. It keeps everything cooler under the hood if you wrap the headers too. All the obvious reasons I guess.
i guess how it looks would depend on how careful you were putting it on..

to make it really nice the DP should come off, cause the coatings im talking about need to be brushed on, and to make it water proof, it has to be completely sealed to the pipe...