Downtown Manchester CT Car Show 'HUGE'


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Just wondering if anyone local is going to this event in downtown Manchester Connecticut this Sunday August 5th. This event is huge, they actually CLOSE DOWN mainstreet, and it becomes nothing but a HUGE car show!! Hundreds of cars. They advertise up to 1982 and prior, but there's always TR's there. My car is in the shop getting painted, but i'll still be there. Anyone else going??

Ken B.
Sounds good to me. Will try to make it up there. That is run by the same group that puts on the one in Middletown??? That one was so big I didn't get to see all the cars.
Looked it up. Same car club is responsible for the Middletown shows. If I can get a couple buddies to go up with me I will be there. Just hope they let me in or I will go ballistic. I hate cutoff dates. Guess I can just tell them it is an 82 :eek: :rolleyes:
Last year there were 2 GN's and a 87 T. I also saw a few late 80's/early 90's Corvettes and a few late model F Bodys. Ton's of nice muscle cars from SS Chevelles to Hemi Challengers!!

Ken B.