Drag Radial launching techniques


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Jul 31, 2001
Thought I'd ask...cant get consistent 60 foots out of my dr's.

Ive tried dry burnout,wet burnout,no boost,high boost,etc...

I have a stagerite and been able to get a 1.69 60 foot once :rolleyes: but am getting more 1.90's than 1.70's.It seems that if I build boost at the line like lets say 6lbs..pop it into second(launch) and start to mash the pedal...woooosh up in smoke.If I leave at 2-3 lbs and perform the same as above it blows the tires 15 feet after I leave.

The tires are Nitto's at 18lbs of air pressure.I just cant seem to figure out what i'm doing wrong.

Slicks are easy...heat em up,leave at whatever boost,and whalla.These dr's are a bit tough to learn.

Any advice would be appreciated.