Another "Best Street Drag Radial" Thread (for 15X9 rims)


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My ~10 year-old 275/50-R15 Nitto's are finally due to be replaced this spring, as they have lost a lot of their traction capability. I've spent the last hour reading through all of the "best tire" threads in this forum, but there doesn't seem to be a clear answer on what is currently best for street use. Here are the criteria:

-Widened stock rims, 15X9 size
-I do not want to have to notch the frame, nor do I want to roll the fender lips (this is a low-mileage pretty car)
-The car will only be driven on the street in fair weather. There is always a chance I will get caught in the rain, so a tire that doesn't result in instant death in wet weather would be nice.
-In street trim, my car is a typical bolt-on car. My combo is in my sig. With 93-octane, I'm probably making between 350 and 400 at the crankshaft at best.

I'm looking for the best tire for launching traction that doesn't require an NHRA burnout to be ready to hook. I just want a tire that will hook well when I take off hard from a stoplight or from a low-speed roll. Right now, the Nittos spin as soon as boost comes up and keep spinning all the way through 1st gear and into 2nd gear.

What's the best recommended tire and size for above? MT/GY/Hoosier/Nitto? 275/50-R15, 275/60-R15, 295/55-R15?

Thanks to all for your help...
you've read all the threads, from what I've read, the MT's hook the hardest, but have the least tread. The more you plan to drive it, the more street-friendly the tire needs to be.

regular streets have a lot of dirt and debris, nothing is really going to "hook" on the street... I have used BFG drag radials as a daily tire for years (16" size), and like them a lot. I'm not sure about the 15" sizes, but if you are going to drive in wet weather I would stick with BFG or Nitto.

BTW I owe you a file, send me a reminder email.

I've already got upper and lower tubular control arms, air bags, adjustable shocks, and an ATR rear bar. There's only so much traction 10 year old Nittos can provide. They are pretty much hard plastic at this point. They were better when they were newer, but never hooked really hard on the street. My turbo spools really fast, so the torque hits the tires hard. Was just looking to see what is considered the best street tire nowadays. I haven't bought any in ten years.

I'm open to suggestions.

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others suggestions are great... but keep in mind that MT's and Hoosiers etc don't last at all like the NIttos you have. and aren't driveable in weather.

To each his own, you may have something to gain with relocating your control arm points (lower). Also.. is your posi working very well? it's expensive, but a locker or spool type rear end does wonders even for street tires.

Basically agree with bob above with something to be gained with suspension or rear end work if needed.