Dreaded o ring blew out syndrome


10 second hot air
May 25, 2001
Does anyone sale these o rings?? And is the only cure the v-2 set up??? thought you had to go intercooled for that set up? Not looking to go intercooled, we do have the v-1, which I plan to pull and send to jay for the v-3 upgrade. Anyone have any ideas or help on fixing this?? I really wanted to get it to the track one more time before the season ends to see if I could get that low 12 time slip. Any and all help is appreciated. :(
Felpro makes a "Turbo Installation gasket kit"

It comes with all the O-rings, gaskets, and even the injector O-rings..I think it ran me about $20 (give or take)

Just pull the turbo, and then replace the o-rings..at the most it is a 1 hour job if you have had the turbo off before, and are good at getting the oil drain line into the intake grommit.

What do you mean by "blew out"???
There is a sucking noise coming from the turbo area which is causing a lot of issue. I guess this is common with the hot airs??? Look under post about v-1
Turbocharger Mounting Set ES 72660
Buick V6 231 Turbocharged Engine 1984-85
See Master Catalog for complete model data
Fel-Pro ES 72660
Qty. Part No. Description
1 - 60656 Throttle Body
4 - 90457 Fuel Feed Seal
4 - 90467 Fuel Return Seal
1 - 90497 Adapter to Intake Man "O" Ring
1 - 90527 Seal Adapter to Turbo
7 - 92588 Fuel Injector "O" Ring

Usually not stocked but shouldn't take but about a day for the store to get it in.
Have it on order thanks so much for getting all that information for me it is very appreciated. That made it easier to tell our parts store what we needed. Thanks again.
Send the V1 back to Jay this winter and get the V3. I don't know how it performs yet, (just ask Drew though) but it gets rid of that POS O-ring.

How does being able to use any turbo sound?....Yeah if you thought you had a turbo problem w/the 85 just steal Karl's for a day and throw it on. Or how about Karl's stocker. The option is there to run anything now, and it will make sealing the up-pipe so much easier because you can make any adjustments with the inlet side by clocking the housing and small changes with the adapter hose.

By looking at it the design seems like what GM should have done in the begining instead of trying to make the Carb setup work.

Trust me you will be inpressed with how much easier this is to install.

I would even consider doing a turbo swap......way to much of a PETA for my lazy arse before.

I'll see ya on the next T&T at Mid MI.
After putting my engine and turbo into my car a few months ago, all was fine until one day I boosted it (only around 13psi), then there was this huge hissing noise -- thought I blew the turbo! Turned out a bolt (well, a stud actually) fell out of the turbo causing a huge vacuum leak after the compressor. I imagine this would have the same effect as blowing the o-ring.

I bought a bolt to plug the hold, put it in, it's been holding fine. In case you haven't, you may want to make sure it was actually your o-ring that blew out. You should be able to stick your hand back there (yea I know it's not fun) while the car's running and feel the leak. With mine, I could plug the bolt-hole with my finger and then I knew right away it was the prob.


I have had the bolt that goes into the compressor side of the turbo and is used to mount it, strip out also. It caused a huge leak.
for the o-rings i took mine out and went to pep boys and went thru their o-ring drawers and got the ones i need ...loaded them down with grafhite and slid it back together... the grafhite makes it a much easier job but alil messy

btw: pep boys was the only auto parts place around my way that carried o-rings that big

This is something I would reccomend to everyone.. what he said. Make sure to lube the o-rings generously! If they are dry, they will bind when you push the turbo on, and could get pushed down and pinched, etc... making them much easier to blow out.. coat them in some kind of lubricant (i use this stuff called "sil-glyde".. its some kind of silicone based o-ring lubricant stuff i found in the garage). I havent had a problem with the o rings and ive had my turbo on and off 5+ times.. no problem, it slips right on..
funny you should mention the bolt stripping out because that's exactly what happened. Any one have any ideas why? Thought maybe we didn't get it in there properly, but after seeing the couple of posts realize that this is an issue. Once this was replaced I have boost and it doesn't hiss anymore but for some reason lost top end and found some oil in the the turbo? ( However still able to get my 21#'s of boost on this run) May have lost power due to bad o2. Not sure what is going on, but it was the last test and tune and we are going to go through the motor this winter. Let you know what we find.
Yea I have no idea why mine fell out... weird.

Glad to hear you're all fixed up, it sure made a pretty loud hissing noise eh?

If you haven't already, you may want to try resetting your ECM (unplug it for 15-30 seconds or so), as it may have adjusted your fuel curve when you had the missing bolt. Just something to consider.