Dream Garage Pics

novaderrik said:
here's a pic of the garage that my mom's boyfriend is building.. 40 feet wide, 32 feet dee, 12 foot sidewalls with in floor heating.. the concrete will be bare and the walls will be white steel inside and out..
should have all the sheeting on tomorrow, then the tin starts.. hoping to be parking in it by the middle of the month.
then we can start the wiring and building things like the work bench and some cabinets to start out with..

the big door on the left is 12 wide and 10 tall- made specifically so his old workhorse John Deere 3020 can live indoors, but i keep thinking that a lift would work oh so perfectly over there... if only it was mine..

Even the GN emblem on that lift!
I love it good job!

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Not an ultimate garage, but i thought this was a cool photo from my garage.

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Currently a 4 post lift has been installed
Here's a new video showing the underside of the GN on the lift. At night the garage transforms into Jimmy Doll's VIP lounge.

Hey it looks like I'm the oldest here to remember Kenny, also knew him off Offtopic.com as the only other turbo Buick there for a while. Good luck in what you're trying to do.