Driver door closes better when passenger door is open


Dec 6, 2015
The driver door takes a bit of ompf to close, but I've gotten use to it. The other day I closed my door before the wife got her's closed and noticed it really slammed home. So I played around a bit and even if the passenger window is cracked open slightly the driver door is much easier to close.

I replaced the weather stripping on the driver side door but not along the body. I don't recall it being harder to close after the weather stripping was installed. Car is an '85 T-Type.

The passenger side has always closed nicely and I suppose it is also easier to close when the driver side is open, but it is not as drastic.

Would be nice if I could get the driver side to close as nice as it does with the passenger side closed as it does when the passenger side is open. Ideas??

It’s pressure. The passenger side doesn’t seal as well so it doesn’t create as much pressure when closing. It should wear in over time

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Damn it, now the nerdy engineer in me wants to make some kind of complicated one one valve that relieves the pressure so the door closes better. :borg:

Just my style to conjure up with a silly solution to a simple problem. Thanks for the help.
Is it kept in a garage? If so just crack the driver window an “1/8 in or so

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Little crap like that bothers me too. I just ripped my whole top end apart and bought $150 worth of parts just to get rid of a vacuum T that I didn’t like the look of

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