driver side wheel hop


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Oct 23, 2001
Hey guys., I did some mods to my gn this week. Now the car driver side wheel hops pretty bad at a 30 mph roll. I have lowered rear springs, boxed control arms ,atr sway bar and new stock shocks. I have regular 235 radials in the rear. You think If I get a set of nitto's or dr's the hopping will stop? I have a set of brand new air bags. BUT I am afraid they will raise the pass side up if I put it in there since the springs are lower then fac ones. any help will be appreciated,
Make sure that you loaded the rear suspenion evenly when you tightened the control arms.
How were the bushings? If they are too soft they can cause wheel hop.
Soft rear shocks will cause wheel hop, also.

Just don't blame the rear springs b/c I have lowering springs w/ no hop.;) Stiffer springs should help control it.

Hey Kevin, thanks for the reply., The bushingare the harder rubber camaro ones. I ave the fac shocks becase I like the rid. I am notsure if the sus was tighten while it was loaded, everything came with te car. I got to check it out better, see whats going on. thanks!