Drivers side exhaust manifold getting red hot

Once again, I talked with you about filming at your shop to give you more exposure for you to get more jobs for you. I never took credit for anything, and my channel isn't monetized so I don't get a nickel from it. I thanked you to no end for helping me out when my car was stolen. Once again, you can call me anytime you want. I had another job for you yesterday as well. I drove 2.5 hours one way to help out on it, and only charged him my gas money there and back. Every few months you come on here and complain. Pick up the phone and call.
I don't work on Buick shit any more, Don't worry i got a hold of Joe , I work for 20 years on my own car to learn what i know, I did need someone to come along and film me, then set up your own Y/T channel and take the credit. If it wasn't for my son listing the your stuff on Facebook after it was all stolen, Truck car and trailer, you would be still looking for it. What about the $40 grand for the insurance company you got, I did see you helping him out. Good luck in life.
I was offered $23,000 by the insurance company to buy the car on recovery, but I turned it down and had it painted from the damage that was done.