Driver's Side Remote Control Mirror Bezel - Retaining clip?


Jun 12, 2012
Can anyone tell me what is supposed to be on the inside of the door panel to keep the bezel tight to the door panel?

When I got the car, it was just floating around on the plastic trim panel.

I'm thinking sort of like the power window switch, a speadable clip or something to keep it in place.

Searched the forum - but found nothing prior.
And I'm too cold and too tired to take my We4's panel off to look at one that hasn't been monkeyed with.



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Take a look at your upper door panels the metal nuts that hold the trim pieces to your panel. Something like that but image the nut on the outside. You can find those speed nuts at most hardware stores or auto part store.

Head thump.
Why didn't I think of that.
Makes perfect sense.

And I shall locate two of these mystery speed nuts so I can put the panel back on proper like now.
They should cst me all of 20 cents.
Thanks so much.

These archealogical digs are so much fun - seeing what the cave men did in times past.
They couldn't just find the proper nuts nad put it back together properly?