driving with dumper opened


Uh oh.. Look who got ALKY
Nov 13, 2003
Just out of curiosity I got the th 3" down pipe with dump tube but does anybody know if by driving around the streets with the dumper opened instead of going through the mufflers coud hurt the car in any way, besides no back pressure , but just driving around the street having everybody turn their head? :D
Great thanks for the reply's oh nah i love the sound i hate quietness, i love when the 5.slow's just look and dont even think about it lol, but i heard that it messes up the ignition but i didn't think it did thanks again oh anybody know if it really gives an edge vs. going through the mufflers??
The throttle will feel a little mushier with the dump partway open(possible all of the way open also, I haven't tested though). Best is probably to do like most folks; Dump open at the track, and closed on the way ;)