Time for a new chip? Run file attached


The New Kid
Dec 21, 2001
So I did a thing. I run the car around on low timing just to be safe on the streets. Sooooo I decided to turn up the boost... went a little farther than I thought but as you can see... 27 psi, no detonation. I was commanding 10.5 afr at wot, and it was around 11.0, again I kept in it because it was on a rip and wasn't detonating. only 51.5 degrees of timing. My chip is burned for the stocker turbo at 23 psi. Eric said to try adding 20% fuel as a temporary fix, but it seems I'm out of chip as the BLM is locked at 170 the whole run even with the added 20% fuel. My fuel pressure was rock solid right where it should be so I'll be ordering a new chip burned properly this weekend. Yes yes I know I should've done it a long time ago but high school budgeting sucks. Take a look and let me know what yall think... Besides the fact that I need a new chip...


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