Dual Fan Harness


Apr 26, 2006
This is a Racetronix dual fan harness. Part # FNWK-005, Turbo Buick Dual Fan Harness. It uses Metri-Pack connectors from the harness to the fans. You will need 4 terminal connectors for your fans to connect to the harness. This is part # 504002 from Caspers Electronics. Cost is .75 cents. The harness turns one fan on with low setting and both fans when AC is on or high setting is triggered by high temp sensor in intake. To run both fans at the same time you can jump the red and blue wires on the harness leading into the connector that plugs into the vehicle harness. You can see in the picture where I have electrical tape on the wires. This is where I jumped the wires. Price is $65 shipped to the continental US. I take Paypal. Please add 3% for Pa
ypal fees or send as gift.
Is this for the intrepid set up or spal ? and what is your email?
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