Dual Lighted Rear view mirror


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Does anyone know what types of cars came with these? I know they came in F-Bodys , thats what I need it for. But are there any other cars?
Mine came from a 91 Trans Am. Heck almost any 93 and up GM vehicle has them, some of the higher line ones have auto dimming and compasses which are useless to us.
That's prolly true Red...that's why I bought mine from you :)

My 295/50R15 PepBoys/Cooper tires look great on the back of the GN btw! The Cragar SST's are 15X7-3" BS. Added air bags as you suggested. Thanks for trying these out John, I used to sell `em but NeVeR thought they'd fit :rolleyes: .
Locally I have only found a few. Very sought-after item. I have seen them in S-10 pickups and blazers.
If you must know, the problem with the mirror on S-10s and blazers is that, on most, there is only a two wire lead coming off the mirror so it only functions when you flip the switches. Mine are three wire. Also, by the time you get to an S10 or Blazer in the boneyard, there's nothing left of it.:( Also, 9 out of 10 of all these units, have a mirror lense that is blemished badly and is totally junk.
Just found a 3-wire, dual-light mirror in a '88 Olds today - sorry, forgot the make, but it was a front-wheel drive model.

Goto junkyard and look at every family sized GM car. You will surely find at least one with it. My father has one in his 87 cutlass cierra Front wheel drive. I was gonna jack it from him and put mines in there but the mirror was belmished from an accident. He would have never noticed the switch;) .

Went to the junkyard and found a mint condition one from a '93 olds supreme or maybe calais.Was charged $5, but i bought other items also with it.