dumb question


next gen buick enthusiast
Jan 14, 2003
does anyone have a picture of how the brackets go on the intercooler? i cant seem ti figure yout where everything mounts up. or could someone give me a description of how they bolt up.

also, is there a bracket that gives the bottom of the stock radiator fan support. the fan i have doesnt seem to reech the bottom of the core support where i think it would mount.


you have 2 stock intercooler brackets one that is made out of flat metal with 3 holes in it and one that is a steel rod that is bent in a few places with three holes in it the flat metal one goes on the passenger side bottom of the intercooler and mounts to a stud coming off the timing cover at the bottom of the motor the other one goes on the dirver side and mounts with one hole to yet another stuf on the bottom of the timing cover on the driver side of the motor and then the top hole goes to a stuf that hold the alternator on that sutd also hold the radiator hose bracket

as to the fan qquestion yeah there is some sort of bracket long and flat about 2 inches wide maybe it bolts from the core support to the fan
thanks GotGas. i figured them out yesterday. it just took a litle head scratching.

i also made a bracket for the bottom of the cooling fan.