spal fans and shroud


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Jun 3, 2009
hello people: Youz guys remember when alradco was selling them. I bought one and I knew the mounting holes did snot line up and that was why it took so long for me to get to it. Alradco was gone when I noticed it. Others said it was a drop in but that was snot in my case..I spent most of the day on the install. Lucky there,s a bracket U can remove at the bottom of the stock fan U can use as a template for the holes. Well it's in. But to anyone with one where did U mount the relays? For now I just have em two way taped to the IC as I thought the tape would stick better to the alum. rather than the powder coat.
hello people: I moved the fan 1 1/8 from where it was as it was snot centered right. I like it better now who knows for how long.
But to youz with dual fans do they both come on when needed or does it depends on how hot it is.
hey youz peoples: If U bought one of alradcos fans and shroud how does your fans work. Do they both come on when needed or not.
thanks men of the TB
My dual Spal's w/ matching shroud come on at 160* and 180*, respectively. They do a great job of cooling in better than 100* temps in the desert in AZ.

Not sure what Alradco stuff does, or if it matters.

Pretty sure it's all predicated on the ECM reading the temp and regulating the low/hi fan operation. Obviously, the relay plays an important part in the overall system, as well. It must be working properly.
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hello peoples and hello TurboTG. So both of your fans come and snot related to heat. Meaning 1 comes on at 160 as U say and the other at 180.
Here's another question is a stock fan set up a 2 speed?