Duttweiler-machined On Center TA Block $4k Shipped


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So I have an On Center TA block with less than 10 passes on it.

It is currently at Kenny Duttweilers shop, where he is going to bore it out from the current 3.97 to 3.972. Now, if the buyer wants a different bore size, we should be able to do that for no extra cost, but you have to check with Duttweiler to see what bore sizes have rings available for them.

This engine was originally in a sand racer in Dubai. Someone crossthreaded a stud into it, so Duttweiler fixed that and put in the same insert into the block that they would use on the earlier TA blocks. This block is now perfectly fine and ready to use.

This block has ALL the finish machine work done to it, which saves the buyer a good $500 in itself. This block will be completely machined, and ready to install in a car when the buyer receives it.

I am asking $4,000 which includes freight. If freight is over $150 the buyer will pay whatever it will cost.

For more pics or any questions the best way to reach me is my cell 707 362 6030

Or my email- 1987GN@gmail.com

Thank you,


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