duttweiler neck


Aug 8, 2008
would putting one on a stock gn give any benefits and if so what would they be. thanks in advance just a rookie trying to learn:cool:
Just from my first hand experience, I'd say yes. For me it was definitely one of those mods that you can really feel. When I put one on my TTA, it had a TA-49 (adj wastegate set for about 20 psi) 42 lb injectors and SMC Alky, K&N cone in place of stock airbox. When I put the Dutt neck IC on and took it out for a test run, the turbo spooled up significantly faster, the turbo also produced about 2 psi more with no tuning on the wastegate.

As long as you know someone who can weld it for you, it's an easy mod. With mine, I made sure I took the time to sand down the filler flush with both the new neck and the IC, you can't even tell that it was cut and welded.

Aside from my RJC external adjustable boost valve, it was the only mod I can remember coming back from my test run saying, wow, you could really feel the difference.
It has been my expeience that the adaptor itself will do nothing that a die-grinder won't do. Most of the time, the gains in boost are caused by the need to re-clock the compressor housing, which in turn puts more spring load on the wastegate actuator. Duttweiler stated this himself many yeras ago. (the reason for the boost increase)
The above is just MY experiences. Nothing wrong with the mod, but I don't feel that it is a huge gain over just 20 minutes with a die grinder. There is ALOT of material that can be removed. Better to save your pennies and purchase a better intercooler. (depending on your goals, of course.) I have installed (welded) a few of the modded intlets in my time, too.
x2....:rolleyes: but I aquired a dutt necked intercooler from a good friend and with the mods turbofabricator talked about and the neck,picked up @3psi.
thanks for all the input , gonna look into doing the neck or picking up an i/c already done when my tranny is done:biggrin: thanks everyone
thanks for all the input , gonna look into doing the neck or picking up an i/c already done when my tranny is done:biggrin: thanks everyone

Used ones often show up for $175-200 max, & compared to a $75 bare Dutt-neck + $40-50 to weld/install neck + your stock IC worth say $100... [I bo't mine already converted...]

I would think the value would be MORE with a stock turbo, which would enjoy the pressure drop relief--especially if worn somewhat...Less IC pressure drop means cooler inlet air temp which means more power potential which means...

IIRC, I gained about 1.5 psi @ intake (had a TE-44 then) before resetting my wastegate...
Just haveing the Duttweiler name on it should be worth 2 tenths don't you think.Scares the ford boys.
I've asked about this mode before. Was told at best it allows the turbo to spool easier and thought that maybe less heat as a result.
you are probably better off buying someone's used Dutt neck IC. You can get the whole IC for $150-$200. I know someone mentioned that before. I put one on my TTA since there are not many good options for a TTA IC. I picked up about 2lbs of boost and it spools up quicker. It is a good bang for the buck mod.