dyno day done next ?

When the Hotair car is on the road. :D

Prolly in May sometime when some Cruise Nights start up.

Maybe Hooters as was suggested by the J+M crew. ;)

sounds great it will give me time to fix my car needs tuning real bad kinda beat it up going back to norwich
Hey guys, we are having a track rental at LVD on may 24th if anyone is interested, we will be having something soon hopefully with a bunch of us cruising to the pike on sat. nite
Thanks Steve:cool:
Sounds cool Steve.......... Anyone confirmed yet for LVD?? Pike sounds cool.......Maybe we can all find a place to meet and shoot the ****!!! Gotta watch out for the boys in blue as they REALLY clamped down on the horse play, BIG TIME!!!:mad:
There is already 12 cars confirmed for LVD, not all Buicks but it will be fun time as we will be able to use both lanes for side by side racing, may 24th:D
What's needed for tech. and to race?

My equipment is pretty much limited to the gray seat belt right now. :D
Salvage to race you need snell approved helmet,seat belt,rad.overflow, battery needs to be secure, keep it at 12.0 without rollcage, if you need more info about track rental call J&M at 860-645-6389 need $45 deposit
I assume the stock overflow tank is ok along with the stock battery tie down?

The 12.0 won't be a problem LOL.

What hours will they be open that day?

Thanks :)

PS: Something tells me my mint 1984 Nava full face motorcycle helment isn't gonna pass tech..... ;)
salvage,stock stuff works fine, helmet a old though:) not sure what time we start around 9am? will keep everyone posted