DynoMax muff question


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I've heard good things about the ultra flow. I'm looking for something not too loud, unless you step on it. I'm seen most of the threads. If I go dynomax, do I want the ultra flow welded? At about $59.99 apiece. Or the other ultra flow that is about $99.00? The Jegs guy said the latter would be better for sound. But they do not have a 3" in and out. Except for the round one, and with its bigger diameter I was wondering if it would work. I'm probably going to put a cut out on it anyhow. I kind of liked the $25 rebate on the dynomax.
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Im running the welded ultras on my GN in 2.5" pipes and LOVE the sound. I wanted loud.. Its not loud but throaty.. Very nice flowing and sounding muffler.
I've got the 3 inch ATR single shot with the Dyno muff. The only thing that you might not like is the 2000 RPM drone that is found on most of the set ups like mine. If you're running duals, shouldn't be a problem. But, if you're running a single shot, the drone might start to get under your skin. I happen to like it. And it sounds pretty cool going under the freeway, or in an area with a lot of tall buildings (downtown).

Food for thought.

I run the ultraflos, very nice sound...not what i would call loud but definately "there". Step on it and they wake right up...no drone at all on my setup (DUAL 2 3/4). I replaced a set of flowmasters with them. I liked the sound of the flowmasters but the drone drove me nuts and the ultraflos definately perform better.
Hey zam70,
Are yours the welded ultra flows?

And Cendres<
Can you get $25 per muffler if you order seperate?
I just ordered the Dynomax welded oval ultraflow 3.5" in/out. $79 then you get $25 off with the rebate.

They make the same in a 3" in/out for $59 then you can get the $25 off as well.

The coupon is limited to 2 items. So yes... you can get the $25 discount on 2 mufflers if I've read it correctly in the Summit catalog.

I like the sound and in a muffler shootout they flow like a frickin' madman.