e bay


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Jun 3, 2009
hello people; I don't have my own computer and I'am about ready to make a move on a laptop. I seen one in the consumer mag. and I started to look. The best price I can find is like $650 and now there's someone on E-bay that has 10 of them for like $140. That got to be pure BS. What do you think? Oh yea do you know how they rate the seller? His rating is 100%
Dude you answered your own question! PURE BS..

You really should go to a store and play with them to get the feel and layout of how it works. You must have a Best buy or staples near you?
$650 down to $140 !! thats a deal.. send him the cash Western Union before he changes his mind :rolleyes: oh.. God Bless
hello people; Well alrighty then. Google a505-s6005 e bay. then about 3rd one down. toshiba great deals. $140 and free shipping. What do you think?.