Nice condition stock oem timing cover along with a few other spare parts


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Ok so I’m going with a new comp cam lifters double roller chain. And the whole 9 yards. So I had plans of just cleaning and re using my timing cover with a new melling oil pump correctly blueprinted and packed.
For those who don’t know me. I bleed turbo regals. My dad ordering his was the very last memory I have of him. He never stopped talking about how cool the new 84 Grand National was gunna be. He passed away at 55 on November 17th 1983 (yea just a few days ago was his anniversary) I was only a kid and was very close to him. All we spoke about was getting that car. I’m sorry for the ramble I just wanted y’all to know that I may be new to the forum and to the central Florida Grand National club but I’ve been an original owner of a 1987 WE4 that my mom helped be buy 3 days after my 17th birthday. I took possession of my WE4 on February 25th 1987 from Garden Buick in Hempstead ny. The car spent its first 10 years as my active car mainly at a gearged home in Brooklyn Ny where in from. When my mom passed away in 1997 I literally couldn’t drive it anymore because she lent me the money to buy it as well as co bought it with me because I was only 17 and it was a dealer. So she slept from 1997-2018 under a car cover in my sister’s garage on Long Island ny till she sold her house and retired this year. (I retired from a nyc city service let’s just say I was a civil servant for 22 years. I moved to Florida when I retired) I couldn’t look at that WE4 without being upset so I just parked it for 21 years and I bought a Grand National a few years ago that I also still own. But when my WE4 got here I had such a feeling of peace and it was almost like my mom was here too. I’m sorry for the rambling it’s just a hard to speak about without telling the whole story.
But anyway the timing cover and all other parts I decide to list are from this car. Only driven by myself. Mileage of 69k documented miles.
So the obvious plan was to clean up this cover, blueprint a new oil pump and re-install it. But I friend of mine gave me one of his EB covers with the high volume pump gears and the modified passage ways and it’s a real one. So I’m going with that and I was gunna keep mine just to keep all the oem stock parts for resale value. But I realize that this car could be worth $75k or $75 dollars and it wouldn’t make a difference either way it’s staying with me till I go to my grave and then it’s going to my daughter. So these carts can go. All parts listed over the next day or 2 came from the same running and driving bone stock WE4 with 69k miles all driven by me. Never raced or been to a track.

Ok let’s start with the timing cover with a brand new oil pump gears already blueprinted, packed with petroleum jelly and ready to bolt on. Even comes with a new fel pro front main seal, I’ll leave you the fuel pump bkockoff plate (but I need the bolts), I will throw in a water pump gasket too.
Now I was extremely careful when I pulled this cover off. I always take my time and enjoy myself and when I feel I can’t do anymore I stop and come back to it the following day. Now I know everyone is gunna want to see pics of the camshaft button wear spot on the cover. And I’m telling you right now it’s the such minimal wear that I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Now as careful as I was unfortunately I did manage to snap the head off one bolt holding the timing degree marker onto the cover. Now I don’t own a bolt extraction kit and im trying to keep the price as cheap as possible. But if you want it extracted add $15 to the price.

1) Original oem timing cover out of an 1987 Buick turbo Regal WE4. With new oil pump already measured and printed Ready to bolt on. Yes it’s the full oil pump with the filter housing part with new piston and spring (I replaced the bypass spring with the same rate as the stock but I will include all spring that new melling oil pump came with. You can even have my old oil pump gears too. I never had an oil pressure issue. I only replaced and blueprinted it was because my car sat for 21 years without a single electron or power going through it. So I knew I would have to open it up and re pack it so I could prime it. So instead of ordering just the gasket. I bought the pump kit. evened out the bottom. Went over everything with a feeler gauge and it’s all in spec.

$130 shipped to lower 48
$110 picked up in Daytona Beach Florida

2) 1987 WE4 steering wheel core. Needs to be recovered 100% straight just needs recovering. Grand National grey color. Only the steering wheel. No bolts, nuts, horn button, or bezel.

$60 shipped
$50 picked up local in Daytona Beach

Working R12 a/c air compressor.
Absolutely zero leaks from any areas of the compressor. Refrigerant was recovered legally and mineral oil was added to the compressor and the lines completely blocked off to prevent moisture and particles contamination of the internals.
Clutch lock works great. Very very clean. Nice clutch bearings. This is a very nice candidate if you blew your compressor and want to be up and running again. Nothing but refrigerant 12 was ever used in this system.

$110 shipped
$95 cash in local sale

Complete stock air filter
Cleaned up with a fresh coat of light gloss engine enamel on all pieces.

$72 shipped
$60 local cash sale

Original stock maf meter. Not a replacement. This is the dealer one. Works great. I have a maf translator.

$75 shipped
$70 cash local sale

Complete front and rear windshield molding. This I bought off eBay a few years ago. I’m not gunna lie but they look way too nice not to have been re painted.

$215 shipped for both windows
$200 cash in person
$140 shipped each windshield molding
$120 cash local pickup each windshield molding

Sorry,will not sell Individual pieces

I will list more parts as well as pictures of everything listed here. Within the next 16 hours.

****please read everything here******
Ok here is the bad news. I’m not currently using PayPal due to a family financial hardship. (I swear on my baby daughter who passed that I never stole anything from anyone. It’s nothing like that at all). But for about another year PayPal isn’t an option.
I’m really looking for local meetups but since we are just pulling out of a financial situation that was a result of illness so I’m willing to accept a personal check or money order in the mail. And yes I’m a stand up guy , if you send me a pic of the envelope or check you have my word that I’ll mark it as sale pending and not entertain any other offer on that particular part. That goes for anything else I sell. And you got my word that the same day the check clears I will ship it out. Usps money orders I will ship the same day I receive the money order because they pay instantly at the post office.

Everything will be packaged perfectly and checked one last time before I ship it. I take this buying and selling online very seriously.
After we make a deal I have no problem giving you my phone number to talk text or FaceTime. I’ll do whatever I can to make you feel comfortable with me.

Thank you for reading my thread
Please everyone have a safe and blessed day.
I apologize in advance if I have misspelled words. I’ve been awake all night and can’t fall asleep