E85 upgrade

No kit I’m aware of.

Ya need to change fuel pump, injectors, chip, & possibly fuel lines depending on how fast you’re looking to go.

There are Teflon fuel line kits & bigger fuel pumps out there. Have to decide on your build. Will need a chip burned for your setup & for E85.
What the best e85 kit for a stock 87 Buick grand national ?
What's your goal?

If it's a bone stock car, there's not a lot to be gained from E85. The stock turbo can only move so much air regardless of the fuel used. Unless you go all the way to flex-fuel, running the tank near empty and swapping chips when E85 isn't available is a real pain in the rear, BTDT. Your car is also worth more stock than hacked up. If it really is a survivor, it might be smarter to restore it than make it go fast. Then sell it and buy a fast one that's already done.