Early May Specials

Dennis Kirban

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BY now most readers know the routine. Its best to email me direct denniskirban@yahoo.com rather than post your "pick(s)" in this thread. Each case refer to the number letter code of what you want. You can request a photo where I have indicated. All prices include either ups shipping or usps shipping to any of the basic 48 states. PA residents must add 6% sales tax. Paypal is method of payment please.

Here goes:

5-A I have 3 good used reproduction Cardone brake bowls (accumulator bowls) new they are $199 each these are just $85. Ideal to have as a spare for the upcoming summer season especially if you have the old style GM brake bowl on your pm system.

5-B One of the best cheap upgrades you can do the flip down stay down license plate bracket with new plastic inserts included just $28 each. Putting this on your car eliminates chances of spilling fuel on your high dollar rear fillers. This is a used part. I have maybe 6 on hand.

5-C I have 4 currently on hand of the slick upgraded later model GM lower steering shafts. Show quality with metal joints at both ends eliminates the flexible rag joint format. This is superior to the popular Jeep one because its GM, comes out of newer GM vehicles and are in better shape to start with since they are encased in a rubber boot originally. Comes with full pictured directions and requires you to make one small notch on the base area of your main steering column so the clinch bolt will fit. Fits all 1984-1987 G body cars. Just $99.95. Gives you more positive steering.

5-D A set of 3 of the HO scale Thunderjet Regals firemist red, lime green, two tone burgundy are the 3 colors brand new in the box just $28.

5-E I have 6 on hand cleaned tested mint condition lited rear view mirrors. These are the late 1980s GM ones which have the set screw making it easy to install on your mirror slug. A simple two wire hook up. Ideal if you have T-Tops as this provides better lighting up front when switched on. Just $29 each.

5-F Packaged deal one of our used flip down stay down license plate brackets and tested cleaned rear view mirror described above both for just $39. This gives you two nice simple upgrades.

5-G A pair of our front frame braces used but like new with new hardware included fits all stock 1986-1987 Turbo Regals under the front end just $45. List price is more than that new.

5-H Packaged deal: A factory later Buick Blue vinyl manual holder for the glove box blue has Buick embossed tri shield logo and Buick wording on it like new and a pocket size copy of the 1986 Buick Price directory that runs 60 pages and shows every option, every option code and price for that option for every Buick 1986 model. Both for $17. I have several

5-J Similar to above ONLY the Buick vinyl manual holder is BLACK not blue again includes the 1986 Buick Price Directory as described above. Both for $17 I have several

5-K Again similar to above ONLY the Buick Price directory is the 1987 Buick model line up again 60 pages and would include the Blue Buick vinyl manual holder again just $17. I have several

5-M Again similar to above only the Buick vinyl manual would be black and includes the 1987 Buick Price Directory as described above. Just $17 I have several

Note: Basically you got 4 options on the above 4 parts depending on color vinyl manual holder you want and what year Buick price directory you want. I can email photo if needed but for $17 you can't go wrong as the Price directory gives you ever single code and option and price for that given year. The pocket size Buick directories measure 3 3/4 inches by 6 3/4 inches reason they are referred to as pocket size.

5-O For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal a pair of used factory tailpipe hangers. This is the part that bolts to the car and the other end has the slot with rubber on it that the tab fits in. Just $18.

5-P For any year 1984-1987 Turbo Regal steering wheel I have the colored tri-shield emblem in rubber like center which appears to be dark grey. Just $24. It is like new. This has a perfect horn contact still intact. This does not have the metal back plate.

5-R Similar to above only medallion reads T-Type its the factory one for 1984-1986 horn center again horn contact is still intact still in the rubber like center which appears like a dark grey. I have 4 of them price is $24 each. This has the metal backing plate complete

5-S Similar to above 5-R only this rubber center like a dark burgundy or dark brown in color. Hard to tell again horn contact is intact. Just $24 each. This has the metal backing plate complete.

5-T Again similar to the above nothing busted has the Rivera medallion in it. Pretty rare I guess also just $24 each has metal backing plate as well.

Note: On the horn centers above basically you are buying it for the horn contact being uncut and the medallion.

5-V I have a used I-pod with car charger to lighter included. No idea if it works just $20 Not sure what version it is measures 1 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. I used it years ago.

5-X I have 2 used remote left hand (drivers side) mirrors in good condition you would have to repaint to match your application. Just $34 each correct for all 1984-1987 Turbo Regals.

5-Y Packaged deal for console I have a good used flexible piece that surrounds the shifter stick, the shifter indicator original one good condition with the plastic part that sits under it. All 3 items as described just $23.

5-Z For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal a good used original black plastic vacuum block. No gasket just the block just $10.

That concludes Early May Specials. Member email me direct denniskirban@yahoo.com for bets results and list code for part(s) that strikes your interest.

Remember we are still seeking 1986-1987 stock turbo cores allowing $125 currently for the next five units. You must email me first on this and be able to ship to us in the next 5-7 days time.

We are also getting in the first shipment of the new reproduction GNX style wheels. Currently only our company and one other company will be offering them. See our website and type in #7219 for prices.
We have a complete package deal which includes ground UPS to any of the basic 48 states. No other 16 inch wheel looks better on those cars than the GNX style wheel in my opinion.

Enjoy the Spring weather