Parts Going To Bowling Green ?

Hunter Dog

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Aug 1, 2015
I have some large items which are cost prohibitive to ship that we will take to Bowling Green if purchased in advance. These parts came off an 86 or 87 Grand National.
See the pictures. There are multiple pictures of each item.

I will add pricing and more pictures in coming days.
air dams.jpg
air dams.jpg
air dams.jpg
air dams 2.jpg
air dams 3.jpg
air dams 4.jpg
air dams 5.jpg
glove box.jpg
glove box 2.jpg
You can message me for more pics or details if needed. If no takers, not going to haul these down as they take up too much space. I will be adding pictures of items in coming days.

1. Headliner $100
2. Pair of air dams $50
3. Glove box $50
4. Three front rubber bumper strips $40 each or $100 for all three
5. Rear Tail Lights and extra surround $300
6. GN Posi Rear End $1200
glove box 3.jpg
gn rear tail lights.jpg
gn rear tail lights 2.jpg