theres usually a strong v6 turnout for this event
one of the classes for saturday is quick 16 ..so yeah there will be some fast v6 powered cars
im on the fence about dragging a car down
extended forecast for cecil on fri and sat is looking excellent
low 80s, sunny and light wind under 10mph ,
low 60s overnight
OK, good. You and I are on the same page.
Usually there's a few. Years ago, there was more.
I should be there with my GN provided I have it back in time. If not I'm sure I can hitch a ride with someone. My girlfriend will be there with me as well taking pictures all day.
Less than a week away now. I will be there Friday making some passes and Saturday I'll have my car in the show and probably be judging cars and helping out with whatever else I need to. Weather is looking good right now. Look forward to seeing everyone.
I got my GN back last night. It's better but I think I got the wrong tie rods. It's driveable but it ain't the greatest. No racing for me though.
I'll be in Cecil tonight. I have several coil and modules wires various spark plugs wiring kits and tuning tools. I'll be tied up most of the day tomorrow but have sometime near the end of the day if anybody needs any help tuning

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waited all year for this event took my tr out for abit yesterday got back and my radiator was pissing out of the core, pulled it this morning from the car, dropped it off at the radiator shop to be recored. so i guess the daily beater is my transportation down saturday. bummer.
I'll be up tomorrow morning to get some TNT passes in. Saturday I'll probably have to help out with the car show and won't have time to make any passes.
Nice crowd today - and good to hangout/chat :cool:
A big "thanks" to the organizers and volunteers (y)
Don't remember the total car count but as far as turbo cars I believe I counted 2 TTA's, 2 GNX's, 22 GN's, and 10 T's. Judging was definitely a touch challenge as there were a lot of nice cars. I also got to make some passes on Friday which I was very happy with. Thanks to Jim and the rest of the MAGNA guys for all their work putting the event together. Look forward to it every year. Here aree my photos from Saturday's show: https://www.flickr.com/photos/122438087@N06/albums/72157658460543740