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  • Hi Bison. I'm looking for the specs of a new turbo you sent to Phil at Master Tech Auto in Canandaigua, for my 1987 T, a number of months ago.
    Maybe a 58/58? The returned turbo was "old school" intake + exhaust parts = turbo --- it didn't spool well on my car. Any of your info would
    be appreciated. Thanks. Tom.


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    Hey Bison. Trying to get my GN back on the road. I was told by a friend that you port and polish heads. Or might have a set. If so. How much to P/P stock heads. Or sale a Set. Also. Do you have any used turbos (te49). I'm currently running a 44. Thanks John.
    Bison, looking at getting a converter, I see you recommended the 9.5" ptc. Is this something you spec out? I cant call on the phone, currently deployed. Though I do have whatsapp and fb. My email is liquidh8@hotmail.com. thank you

    Hello (Mr.?) Bison, You probably get buried in messages but I was referred to you, so here goes: 87 Restoration, nearly 100% stock (larger injectors), standard bore. Goals (in order): Reliability, Manners, Performance. Have a TA49 which either needs to be rebuilt or replaced. can't find a stock appearing 5858. Do you have a source, or would you go in a different direction? Thanks. Michael in California.
    Hello Bison: Need help: I purchased a new PTE Gen2 68/70mm Turbo for my 87 Turbo T. Balanced and Blueprinted 3.8 stoke stroke w/Champion Aluminum heads/Intake, 218/218, and 83lbs injectors. I have a 3" DP and dual 2.5 exhaust w/3.73 gears, & 2004r and a 3800 stall from Protorque. I can't get it to stall past 2400 before I start to spin the tires.....Eric from TT thinks the turbo could be an issue w/my setup.
    Hey my friend I'm in the market for some heads and heard your the one to talk to
    Putting together a 109 street strip
    Champion ported intake
    62mm turbo
    I've got compcams hyd roller 210/215 that a lot of people seem to use
    Let me know if you can help me out or what you would recommend
    Hi, I have a TA49 with the Precision .63 exh and I'm looking for a Garret. Do you have one ? Thank you.
    Hey Bison, I'm in the market for a new turbo and I'm thinking about getting either a TE 44 or PTE 5831 and would like for you to give me a price on both as well as your thoughts on the two. Thanks.
    Hi Bison,

    We met at Richard Clarks and I talked to you about doing a build somewhat similar to Steve Bake's. My Thrust bearing was shot and you said I needed to find the cause, possibly the converter. I replaced the cracked stock flexplate with another which I now believe is for an internally balanced engine. I drove the car with it for about 15k miles. Could that have been the culprit?
    Hi Bison,
    I've got an 87' GN that i'd like to see running better than ever. If you could text me at...617-347-2560 whenever it's convenient for you so we can make plans I'd truly appreciate it.
    Hey bison tried emailing you looking for a new turbo ta49 or something bigger if you can email me back or message me on here it would greatly appreciated
    Hey There Bison, tried to send an email about a TA-49 Turbo rebuild. Can you assist or PM me. Thanks, RuffGN
    What's the biggest turbo I can put on my 87 3.8 liter Buick 109 block bored .030, stroked 3.625 crank, 6.350 H beam all forged, billet main caps, TA SE fully ported heads, girdled, RJC Mega Cooler???
    Bison my stock turbo is busted would the 5831 or 5931 a good replacement ,engine stock with 60 lbs injector ,ls1 maf could you guide me please
    I heard you are the one to contact for a turbo i might be looking for a ta 49 or maybe have one rebuilt .if you have any available right now if you could give me price and info i would greatly appreciate it
    Hey bison, what can cause no oil pressure but you can still crank the car up? Just happened. also car shakes.
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