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  • I seen that you are the guy to talk to when it comes to turbos. My turbo is bad in my 85 t-type. Hot air. Was wondering if you know where I can get one at a reasonable price or know of a place where I can get it rebuilt
    bison I have been told your the turbo man wanted to ask a question I have a 87 gn and when you give it throttle a good amount while in or not in gear you hear like a noise sounds like a turbo despooling kinda weird sound that all I know how to describe it. anyways if I unhook the wastegate it goes away is this a sign of a bad wastegate or does this sound normal on a 6266 turbo
    Hello Bison....another member said to contact you about my recent post of wanting a used turbo like a 49 or 6262.....do u have anything?
    I only have updated turbos of those types for sale. Nothing used. Start a conversation with me so i see it . I use the iOS app and don't see these messages
    hi bison .just want to know is it common for oil to come out the exhaust side of the turbo to down pipe when you blow a head gasket i had a te44 on my other moter that blew the heasd gasket and want to put it on another motor just not sure .thanks let me know not sure if was leaking because of the blown head gasket or did the extra heat kill the seal.
    I just read the "how to rebuild a stock 86 - 87 turbo". I am confident I can do this myself, and I do have access to a glass beading cabinet, tools and torque wrench.
    As far as I know, my turbo is original. It is an '86 GN.
    Are there any improvements you would recommend when I do this?
    Do you sell the complete rebuild kits?
    Thank you
    im in need of some turbo my stock one broke.i dont want to go back stock i want a turbo that does the job but has room to grow
    I started a thread Called Turbo T needs help tring to get back on "TRACK" its in the general talk section. Thank for any help you can give .
    Hello, Mr.Bison. I have a few questions about my car and combo. I would like to speak to you some how if possable??? If you email me at dwavey@aol.com i will leave you with my cell # if possable. I'm a little frustated with my car. I would appreciate your oppinion greatly. Thanky I hope to hear from you.
    Hey bison this is stevek on turbo buick forum, if you could take a quick look at my pic of turbo in turbo and related parts, see about size and your advice on next one thanks
    Send me PM's Please. I never see these messages since im on the iOS app and this section isnt available.
    hi bison, how much is the rebuild stock 87 gn turbo u sell?le me know. I'm located in ontario, Canada
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