Easy vacuum line route question

I am new to the whole turbo GN motor that I'm putting in my hybrid. I have read a lot on here and am slowly leaning and figuring this out. I'm mocking it up on my stand before I try to put it in and have some, what I think would be easy questions with the vacuum lines. First, there is a port under the TB, after the IAC. Should that be plugged or where would a line go to? And the two hard lines that one goes to the PCV the other runs with it and goes where? Also, I don't seem to have a elec plug to go to the waste gate solenoid, would that be right? It is a caspers harness. Thanks!
The port under the tb went to the hard heater lines wich im sure ur not using anymore. The second hard vaccume line you mentioned goes to the map sensor on our cars. Or so thats how my gn has them.
Go to gnttype.org . there are diagrams and articles that will be helpful. Also read up at Steve Wood's website Vortexbuick.com. That should keep you busy for a couple of days :)
Thanks for the reply's. I have been to the vortex Buick site many times and find that the info is great! Trying to find out some basic things like where the lines go, is almost impossible, as most people can just open there hoods and see. It's my understanding that the MAP sensor is only used to work the boost gauge in the dash and really does nothing else. So I could just hook my gauge to that port, and plug the heater one. Does that sound correct? Thanks again for your help.
Yes thats correct. Map is only for the stock led gauge. Perfect spot for the boost gauge since thats where i had mine t'd into. The ports under the tb can either be left open or caped off really doesnt matter.
You can always get some barbed nipples and put ports wherever you want.

Since you're building a hybrid, I'm assuming you need a brake booster line too.
Here are some diagrams for the GN that might help you out. You can decipher from these which you need and which you do not.


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Great!! Thanks to all for your help! This has answered all my questions, no power brakes, it has a manual Wilwood setup. Just trying to take care of as many of the un- known things now that I can before I start to put the motor in. You have been a big help, and thanks for taking the time to reply.