eBay auction history for 1989 TTA updated 6-Mar-2004

Just a quick question.My Buddy bought the TA in Ancaster Ont Canada.He bought the one listed there twice and another one just recently that has like 650 miles on it.Just wondering if the one was just put on twice by mistake.
Hi Mike.

According to my list that TTA in Ancaster was on ebay twice. The first auction ended Feb 16th with 5 bids and a max bid of $12,500 (no sale on ebay).

The second auction ended Feb 28th with 8 bids and a max bid of $13,205 (again no sale on ebay).

It sounds like your friend purchased this TTA outside of the ebay auction, sometime after Feb 28th.

Complete ebay auction history for the TTA can be found here (well, for at least the past year anyway).

Gary Mruz
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Thanks Gary
That is my friend Derrik (Ancaster Ontario Canada)who was selling the TTA in those two actions.He bought another TTA with around 600 miles and now wants to sell the the higher milage TTA.I guess that was him selling the TTA on the ebay action.