Ebay madness

GNX 233 485

Jan 11, 2006
GNX original parts prices are thru the roof.
200.00 for a GNX intercooler sticker, they are available on-line for 28.00
212.00 for a paperweight...........huh........
380.00 for a set of center caps....kirban sells identical sets for 45.00
The headrests are over 200.00 now, they are available from Bowling green for 85.00 The hat is over 455.00 now and still bidding...........huh!ehh!what! It will go well with the 3,800.00 members only GNX jacket that they sold 5 months ago.
i won the poster for 251.50 in orginal tube that sat in the trunk of 547 for 19yrs!!! all the stuff u see for sale are from previous owner of 547!! :D plus i always wanted this poster!! in mint shape
If someone parted out a GNX, piece-by-piece, and sold it on eBay, I wonder what they could get?