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I will be bringing some parts to Bowling Green that cost more to ship. You can buy them now and save some money on shipping. I have a lot of nicer used parts collected over the years. I can post pictures later, I wanted to get this out so people will know what is available for Pick Up.

All parts off 39,000 mile GN:
front bumper rub strip some dings overall nice $60
Rear bumper rub strip good condition, no dings $75
Front Dash/Speaker Grill cover, small crack at the speaker grill each side, hard to see $75
Black Head Light Bezel's nice condition $140
Amber Turn Signal lights no cracks, nice condition $60 set
Air Dams, set nice condition $100
Gray Bumper backer (under grill), used nice, no cracks $45
Gray Bumper backer (under grill), used with crack, $15
Rear View Mirror, couple small black specks in mirror, overall nice condition $20
Factory Drive Shaft Brace - mint, show quality $35
Factory Catalytic Convertor, nice condition $100
Complete factory Airbox set up (both metal halves, snorkel, elbow, filter, 2 clamps) $100

Misc. Parts:
Scan Master, I believe it is the 2.0 $150
Burgundy front Dash/Speaker Cover, same as above off 10,000 mile car $75
Stock factory Down Pipe with aftermarket Catalytic Convertor welded to it. Fits stock setup, use this to 1 piece set up to pass inspection and go back to what you are running. Like new hardly used. $100
Set of 4 Turbo T rims, 3 are in good condition, 1 slight marring of the area in-between the turbines. Overall nice set $350
Set of 4 American Racing Saw Tooth Type Rims and Uniroyal Tires. This set is like new and is pictured on the 10,000 show car in my handle. Tires have around a thousand miles on them, These rims are sweet. $650
OEM Factory Y Pipe, New with tag and surface rust $100
Factory Speaker Set up for Concert Sound, All 6 Speakers and brackets, look brand new. $100
Turbo Shield Powder Coated Silver, Nice $100
Turbo Shield, Polished with scuff pad, not show quality but nice $70
Stock Tranny Pan with drain plug (no magnet), driver quality $35
Stock Tranny Pan with rust, driver quality $20
Fuel Tank Straps, rusted, you clean and paint $20
Stock Rearend cover, rusted, w/bolts $20
Stock factory Valve Covers, with barcode, pitting from arch from alternator wire on drivers side, overall nice condition $60
MSD Red racing plug wire set. Like new low mileage (came off the show car) $60
Stock GM Gray Plug Wires also like new $40
2 sets of Factory Numbered Spark Plug Wires, some are bad, OHM them out and get a good set $50
Stock Rear Lower Control Arms W/bushings off the 39,000 GN $40
RamBlow airbox set up complete with KN Filter, Mounts by intercooler from ATI made of aircraft grade metal. You don't see many of these, worked great took it off the 39,000 mile GN $150
Kenny Bell under Hood Air Box (Big Black Shroud for the larger KN Filter) complete with brackets, incl. filter Like New. $100

Factory Headers and Cross Over Pipe w/heat shields, sandblasted, properly painted and baked, show quality, I put a lot of time in on these $350

GNX JACKET size Large, Brand New, it is authentic, I am bringing it, I have an individual who has first crack at it, if he passes it is for sale.

I have a lot more little stuff like clamps, intercooler hoses, gauges, GNX Polo shirt, hats, models I am bringing. You can buy by PayPal (plus the Fee) and I will bring the parts with me. I can take photos, I am accurate as possible on the description, these parts are nice unless otherwise specified.

I am bringing my 10,000 mile show car to offer FOR SALE at $37,500. This car competes in the concours class and is in excellent condition. The thread is in the Cars for Sale section. It will be located in the vendor area come check it out, but please serious inquiries only. The condition of this car speaks for itself.

I also have a 1989 Pontiac TTA #42, Festival Car #113. All original with 3,100 miles on it (replaced AC and rear spoiler). This car is also show quality and documented. I am not bringing it but check with me if you are serious about a Festival Car.

I look forward to meeting the great people on this board and see some nice Buicks.
I might know a guy who would be interested in the Scan Master. I'll check and see if he is still looking.
Drop the price of the Headlight Bezel's to $100

Added Items,
Chrome Wheel Well Moldings - Set of 4, overall nice shape with one noticeable outer edge ding with some pitting bottom edges - $100
Black Wheel Well Moldings - Set of 4, overall good condition some small dings and some pitting at the outside bottom edge - $120
Ash Tray assembly, Burgundy - complete with light - $20
Right Hand Manual Mirror, used, tan colored - $40
Set of factory Cornering Lights, used fair condition, one has pitting in the metal field and one has some fading on the Buick Logo, you don't see too many of these $60
Front factory Sway Bar, rusty $40
Set of 4 locking lugs w/key $25

I will send pictures to everyone when I get home this evening
I might be interested in the dash/speaker grille cover but would want to see the "cracks" before committing to it.

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The ScanMaster is sold.
The RamBlo and Kenny Bell Under Hood Air Box are both by ATR, I apologize for the mix up.
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