ECM Wiring diagram


Never enough time........
May 28, 2001
Looking to hook up a Air/Fuel monitor to the TTA and I want to know which wire off the ECM is the O2 wire from the engine bay. The loction connector (large or small on the ECM) plus the pin number and color code of wire would be the best. TIA
O 2 wiring

The wire you are looking for is a PURPLE one that is located in cavity # D7 on your P.C.M. The connectors are labeled by row (of pins ) D7 will be on the right side of the LARGER (32 pin) connector
when looking at it from the back. Hope this helps -- Good luck TURBOTA (#70)
Thank you !

Thank you I apprciate your time and efforts. I just did not want to run another wire out to the engine bay unless I had to. Just tring to keep things tidey and neat through out the car with the new combo sotra on the sleeper side.