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I am looking for a alternative for my optispark.I am using a super victor intake on a lt1 in a 4 gen firebird.I could drop a dist in the back but if I have a valtrain problem I cant get the intake off because the dist cant come out under the cowl.I have been looking into alternative.I could use an msd front mount but I would have to fab a cam attachment It mounts to a jessel belt drive and their is not one offered for an lti.I have also been thinking of a coil pack setup. What is the deal with fast eDist Is it compatable with either system or just the fast What does it cost.
Eng mang will be either gen 7 of fast.

If I understand right the edist will basically want a single crank sensor edge per cylinder, plus needs a single cam signal edge every 720 deg. You might be able to get creative with the above to suit your needs :-) You could run a waste spark system or the LS1 coil on plug with it. If waste spark you will need some sort of ignitor setup or coil drivers in between the edist and the coils. I think the LS1 coil on plug has the ignitors built in.

Hope that helps.

The LS1 coil setup is the way to go in my mind. Simple, clean, and we are finding that they are good for some fairly decent horsepower... pretty good spark out of them. The GM number for the LS1 coil is 12558948.

You'll still need a cam signal out of the engine somewhere. Given that the Optispark is quite prone to failure, I'd suggest fabbing something either off of the oil pump drive or in the front cover on the cam sprocket. Other than doing that, the eDist with the LS1 coils is a very simple deal. You'll need to put a crank trigger on the motor but that's easy. The eDist will work with basically any engine management system - it's driven by the points output that normally would feed an MSD box.