EFI Unlimited.....


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Jan 26, 2002
.....is looking for quality GN's to add to our already impressive list of cars;)

Hey guy's my name is Dave and I run a car club called EFI Unlimited. We have everything from Vipers to Syclones to Supra's to....well you get the idea. We as of yet have no GN's representing for the Buick's, so I'm looking to draft a few.

A little background on the club: We started up in October of 2001. Our goal is to bring together cars of all types in an effort to create the "Ultimate" car enthusiast club. Our name says it all EFI All entrants must be Electronically Fuel Injected, Unlimited We encompass all "performance" oriented cars. We

We have a total of about 35 or so members currently inducted. In the link below, I've provided some pics of some of the members. Since then we have added (2) Syclones, (1) Typhoon, (2) BPU 300ZX's, Supra's, more FD RX7's, Z06's, blah, blah, blah...

If anyone is interested in joining or would like more info on the club, please feel free to contact me at 478-7582. Aloha!

You guys got a good club going there. Very impressive cars. Maybe we should start out own GN/TR club?
Thanks Turbo V6. Actually I heard there was no GN/TR club yet, that's why I figured maybe some of you guys would be interested in joining up.
Hey Guys,

If you are into the club thing, Dave's club would be a good place to sign up. They're a *very *active club with a large diversity of cars in it's ranks. Sad to say, though, TR's are not represented very well.
I'm a member of this club, but I don't have many opportunities to turn out to club events.:( Sorry, Dave. I will, however, take this opportunity to further extend Dave's invitation to join this growing island group.Maybe some other island listers would like to fill out the club's roster with TR's?
FWIW, Dave's a straight up guy who puts a LOT of effort into this club. No disappointments here. I've known Dave for a long time, and just doing my part to help a friend. If anyone's interested, sign up. Should be a lot of fun.
Just my 2 cents.:D

hey diesel ,
do you think some of your efi unlimited club members want to come out and race on feb 2nd @ hrp....

when : feb 2nd hrp
time: gates open at 2, qualifing at 4-6
cost: 40 bucks...ask for a run card at the gate

i know i see ced out there ripping it up at some of the events...any other participants?
I'm sure some of the gang would like to head it to the tracks that night. As for myself, I'll be at my sis's B-Day party. I'll try and make it down, or let the other guy's/gals know about the races.

Thanks for the invite!
howzit David,

It's Chris again:D from the gym. we're in the talks about having an all G-body club...a branch off of the ISSOAH guys, Dereck might know about it too...Don and Robert sent out newsletter informing us of the future meetings. In any case...would be pretty cool adding a GN or T-Type to EFI, **hint hint: can join??** :D Maybe after I paint the T?...right now, it's slow as a mutha and it looks just as bad. LOL, was pretty nuts finding that I knew about half the guys in EFI...go figure. Anyways..see you at the gym.