egr help


ok so i found out my egr solenoid was the thing blowing my ecm sol fuse so i bought a used solenoid and put it on today. the fuse didnt blow but the car idles rough and after a few minutes the check engine light comes on. if i unplug the vacum line to the egr itself the idle smooths out and the check engine light goes off. i did notice the whole time the engines running there is vacum to the egr. is this suppose to go off after a while? also the egr is getting hot with a little smoke and it never did that before. cars all stock except for a hypertech chip i put in it back in 87. any help would be great thanks,jeff
even with the egr solenoid unplugged i still have vacum to the egr. does that mean this solenoid is bad? thanks,jeff
That is a pretty old chip. Spend 85 bucks for a new TurboTweak chip, which does not use the egr, so you can eliminate it. The new chip has much better idle and driving manners. You will love it and wish you had done it a long time ago!
i just got the car back on the road and plan on some upgrades next spring but for now i would like to find out if the solenoid i just put on is bad. even with the electrical plug unhooked the solenoid lets vacum to the egr is this right? thanks again,jeff