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  • I was curious if you had any insight as to what to check? I was thinking it could be a number of things ranging from Fuel Pump, Vacuum line, Coil Pack, Cam Sensor. But I wanted to reach out to you first because A) you are local and B) I see you have a ton of knowledge on here! Car has 94,000 original miles, I have replaced plugs, wires, fuel pump since I purchased the vehicle.

    Thanks so much!!

    Recently it has gotten a lot worse, it seems to stall every time it is idle before driving, and just this past week now if i try to take off while drving for a while it wont go past 45 or 65 unless i let go of the gas and press it again. Additionally it is now sometimes stalling when i come to a stop and I need to rev the motor to keep it going. I don't have a Scanmaster, and I know I should.
    Hi Gulls!

    I am a new member but long time "lurker" on the site. I see that you are in Massachusetts as am I! I have a problem going on with my 1986 Buick Grand National. I have owned it since January. It sometimes would idle rough and stall but not all the time. Once it got going it seemed to be fine so I thought it might be a sensor or something.
    CT Turbo Buick get together


    Oct 3rd at Pat's Auto care in East windsor CT at 1pm. All Turbo Buick powered cars are welcome as well as muscle and show cars. Cookout and refreshments along with giveaways and maybe a raffle of some sort. If we get a great turnout we will make this a yearly thing. If you are interested in possibly donating something (doesn't have to be buick related)please let me know. I will be donating something related to welding supplies and methanol. Mark from TRcustomparts will be offering something as always(thanks to a great guy and vendor)and Miguel is working on Jack Cotton for a giveaway item. Miguel of Pats Auto will be donating some sort of service(buffing/detail) pm me for questions,AJ
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