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  • I don't know where in Mass you are, but, you are welcome to come to my home if you want a little help or direction. I do have a scanmaster in my car that we can hook up in your car to get some numbers.
    These cars can be strange. Last summer, while I was coming home from the Summer Nationals, I started having bad MAF symptoms--loss of power, a little black smoke when trying to give it some gas, etc. It turned out to be a weak battery. I had been charging a 3 year old Red Top, but it wan't holding a charge, Go figure!
    Hi Mark, I am by no means an expert, but, having owned one for 26 years gives one some unwanted experience. My first suspect for these symptoms is usually the MAF. A simple test is to give it a rap with a screwdriver while the car is idling. If it stumbles you have found the culprit.
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