EGR Solinoid


May 23, 2002
Just wondering if one from an 87 n/a engine is the same as one for an 87 GN?
getchasum said:
Just wondering if one from an 87 n/a engine is the same as one for an 87 GN?


There are a bunch of other cars that use the same solenoid, but the only "G-Body" car showing on my computer at work is the '86-'87 turbo car. Give me a call at work and I'll let you know the rest of the list.

The EGR solenoid is the same on the following vehicles:
89 TTA
1986 Only:
Buick Park Ave,LeSabre,Riviera,Century 3.8 VIN Codes "B" & "3"
Olds 98 Regency,88 Delta,Toronado,Ciera 3.8 VIN Codes "B" &"3"
Pontiac Grand Am 3.0 VIN Code "L"
Olds Calais 3.0 VIN Code "L"
Buick Somerset,Skylark 3.0 VIN Code"L"
Thanks Guys. I have one here that came off a 109 block, out of (I think) a 1987 Pontiac (but don't know what kind of Pontiac). I'll check the part for a part number. It looks the same, was wondering if I should keep it as a spare or trash it.
The part looks the same, only visual difference is the rubber boot that the vac lines plug into.

There's a number on the side - 25527187
And one on the bottom - R 3455C

Looking for help before I throw it away......

That fits '86 Pontiac, Olds, Buick 231A cars only.

The correct # for our turbo cars is 25527186

If you go to and select parts catalog, cross reference, you can put in the gm number and get the ac-delco number (214-307 for the 25527186 Kieth mentioned). Then select that number and click find useage, and it will list all vehicles that used that part. Quite a few 86-88 cars used it, it looks like, with 3.0 and 3.8 L V6's. The ...187 part you asked about crosses to ac-delco 214-308 and only fits 86 VIN A 3.8's.