EGT gauge


It's my Granny's car!
Nov 13, 2001
How do I troubleshoot an EGT gauge. This thing was new in box and never worked. If I test it w/digital multi meter what readings should I look for?
Got any more info?


Analog or digital?

Seperate or integrated probe?

Details my man, more details.. :)

Can't remember the brand. It is analog. The gauge is in the car. The thermocouple is seperate. It will not do anything at all. I bought this new and it sat in the box for a long time. I just need to know if the thermocouple or the gauge is bad.

It is a VDO gauge. Can I use a digital volt/ohm meter to check it?
Is there only 2 wires to the gauge from the thermocouple(besides the light)?