electrical question HELP!!


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Jul 7, 2008
i had a gauge pluged into the ign connection on the fuse box and i accedentaly touched that plug to a ground and now everything that was connected to the ignition connector on the fuse box wont come on. example:scanmaster,gauges. im pretty sure i check all the fuses and all seem good, i dont really know were else too look can someone help me :confused: :confused: :confused:
I believe that the ignition hot that comes into the fuse box is protected by a fusible link, I will check my service information and attach a schematic to my next post in a few minutes.

help me out here, which ign circuit did you short out? is it a circuit that is on at all times or is it on only with key in hot or run? here is a couple of power schematics for you.


if you have trouble seeing the schematics, you should be able to save them to your pictures and view them that way and you can zoom in.

its the one that turns on when the key is in the ingnition and in the on position
do you get any power when you turn on your key switch? The switch has its own fusible link going to it, if you get nothing when you turn on the switch, it is most likely your fusible link. Separate fusible links go to the headlights, tail lights, cigarette lighter, and your computer (ECM) KAP (keep alive memory), these will still have power.
let me know.

car starts and runs fine. headlight,tailights and computer seem to still have power. but cigarette light doesnt work
Okay, check your vanity lights in the passenger visor if you have them, check the trunk light, check the under hood light, and check your power locks if you have them. these are all on the same circuit as your cigarette lighter. I try to respond faster but this board is busy right now.

let me know

when you say your guages quit, you mean aftermarket ones, not the factory guages right?

So the only things that dont work is aftermarket equipment
and your cigarette lighter? The fuse should be good since all of the other lamps are working on that circuit, I would check the power wire going to the cigarette lighter, I dont know where your scanmaster and guages hook up to power but from the sound of your problem, I would not be surprised if they tied into the wire going to your lighter. You may have a break in this wire at the fuse box or close to it. I wish you were closer so I could take a look at it in person.
the only things that dont work are aftermarket equipment and i had them pluged into the ign 1 (female) on the left side of the fuse box under the dash as a power/positive source
I have looked at all the service info and I even went out to the shop and looked at my GN's fuse block, I think that the cigarette lighter problem is unrelated to your ign 1 no power problem, and I think that when you grounded out the ign plug, you probably caused an open right there at the fuse block. When you get time, try to unbolt the fuse block and turn it around and see if the ign wire is good and check for power there. That's all I have and I hope this helps. Good luck

IGN1 slots are powered by the ST BLT/ACC fuse 20A.

Info. should be available instantly via the search feature.

And on that schematic as posted.
thanks salvagev6 you fixed my probleme:D :D :D ... i guess that was the only one i didnt check because i was pretty sure i had checked all of them
thanks alot guys
Thanks for the info SalvageV6, the service info I have is Alldatapro and they do not show every single circuit from every fuse.

thanks again

It is on that power distribution page you posted.

Small lettering after the fuses.

Three small IGN 1 lines under the ST/BLT fuse.

And for future searchers you can see the A/C fuse powers the IGN 3 slot.